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Keynote Speakers

-Ulf Büntgen (WSL)  “Frontiers in tree-ring research”

-J. Julio Camarero (IPE-CSIC)  “A dendroecological approach to forest dieback with emphasis on Mediterranean forests”

-Paolo Cherubini (WSL) “From false rings to intra-annual density fluctuations in Mediterranean trees and shrubs: beyond the annual resolution of ecophysiological signals”

-Paul Sheppard (LTRR-UofA) “Dendrochemistry: It’s Not As Easy As It Looks (And It Doesn’t Look Easy)”

-Special session (Coordinator: Paolo Cherubini): “Publish or Perish: publishing dendrochronology in the cyberspace” 

Short courses: (CLOSED)

19 May 2015: Schedule( 9:00-13:30/14:30-18:30)- at the same time at Univ. Pablo Olavide. Minimum 10 students to conduct the course (first come first served, preference for TRACE participants). (45€ each course for TRACE participants; 75€ for Non-TRACE participant)

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Confirmed courses

1. (FULL) Modelling dendro data and process-based models (J.A. Blanco & G. Gea-Izquierdo)

2. (FULL) Methods and applications of radiocarbon and stable isotopes in tree-ring (G. Battipaglia & J. Voltas)

3. (FULL) Dendrochemistry and blue reflectance: exploring new tools for tree-ring science (R. Kaczka, A. Buras & A. Hevia)

4. (FULL) Wood Anatomy in tree-ring research (H. Gärtner & A. Crivellaro)