Thanks for the collaboration of University Pablo de Olavide dorms we have special discounts for accommodation near to TRACE 2015

For any option specify that you are seeking accommodation for TRACE 2015 and state which option above you want. Please also provide full postal address, email address and telephone number.

Ordered the nearest to farthest to Univ. Pablo de Olavide.

FLORA TRISTAN DormitoryFloraDouble apartment with two single rooms, two bathrooms, shared kitchen and living room. MANDATORY 2 people (Shared apartment).                                                                             To book accommodation: or Phone: +34 954 97 73 15

Single or Double apartments with one bathroom, kitchen and living room. Dinner + 5 €.   To book accommodation: or Phone: +34 954 23 29 60

 R.U. Rector Estanislao del Campo Dormitory*Estanislao *(Breakfast + 3 Euros). To book fill this document and send to

INTURJOVEN HOSTELinturjoven To book accommodation:

 SANTA ANA Dormitoryst.ana To book accommodation: or Phone: +34 954 227 156

Beatriz de Suabia Dormitory (ONLY FEMALES)BeatrizTo book accommodation: or Phone: +34 954 63 43 90


If you prefer finding a suitable accommodation yourself, please look on or or any booking website.